Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Location, Location, Location.........where to set up my aquarium

First of all before you start running to the aquarium shop to buy your aquarium set , you must find a suitable location , right .......now how to find a suitable location when you sometimes can even find your car keys......hmmmmmm.
First the easy way ...... go find yourself a Feng Shui Master he/she will take out the gigantic compass and point to the best location and make sure there's a power point (electric point) nearby about 1meter proximity and water tap about 2~3 meter proximity , the nearer the better.
Now my way........find your self a cool and cozy location in your house with power point (1 Meter) and water tap nearby (2~3 meter) the nearer the better first of all are you happy with the location if so then you got the right location but as a little reminder to those guys with lady boss (wife) pleasssssseeeeee get your partner opinion if you don't want being nag.
The most important thing is the location have easy access to electricity and water , not in your way or blocking whatever things there and path  in your house

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