Thursday, 4 August 2011

Aquarium selection

Variation of size for aquarium

Build up with cabinet type
First of all before you start selecting your aquarium, you must keep in mind what type of fish you want to keep.For carnivore fish like
Designer tank
arowana, oscar, red tail catfish etc.than you should plan to have a larger tank preferable 100cm x 50cm and above.This large tank also suitable for smaller fish set up also known as community tank because it can mix with a variety of fish as for large carnivore fish you can only keep one or a pair only.
For community tank any size of tank is suitable but you need to decide no. of fish you want to keep.More fish mean bigger tank.
Standard Malaysian aquarium set
Designer aquarium

Standard aquarium set
Build up with cabinet aquarium
 And now there are a lot of designer tank that come in a variety of shape and color , most comes with filtration and ligthing .Tips : the bigger the filter box/compartment the better 

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